About Jeni Crafts

Jeni is an artist and maker based in Tooting, South West London.

Since 2010 the her practice has been focused on connecting people through creativity and setting stages for communties to collectivly reimagine a more creative and sustainable future together.

No small task, best then to take it one artwork and one craftpeice at a time…

About Makers toddler art classes

Orgianly set up in 2013,  fellow artist Gillan Elam passed the baton to Jeni in 2014.

The form of the sessions has grown organically over the years. Both building on Jeni’s experiecnes working with very young children and responding to the needs of the busy parent/toddler or carere/toddler duos who become happy regulars.

For the bright and brilliant slither of oppertunity between the first experemntal mark makeings and the inevitble graduating to the art corner of the classroom, nusery and other settings, Makers becomes a hub of creative exploration for the Toddlers of Tooting.

Makers Calendar Here, some photos in the blog here, sign up for the newsletter here

About Meet & Make

Jeni is well invested in the happenings of local environmental groups Transition town tooting link to page. It offers a full callendarr of oppertunitis for local people to meet, connect and work out how we might work together to look after natural resourse like clean air amd water. Every time there are people gathering , res assured Jeni will be scouring the Wall of Craft i her studio for a materials for an upcycling project or offering to share other making and artist skills. Jeni has held Meet & Makes at street partys, birthday parties, Schools, offices, carnivals, pop up village greens, in pub rooms in such craft dicaplines as sewing, jewllry making, pom poms , pattern cutting, junk decopage, cotume crafts, decoration making, pimatas and more.

If you want to get people together and get them making something, anything, then  drop Jeni a line (link to contacts) she just might be able to work with you to make it happen!

Meet & Make

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